Effortless Curls: Explore the Beauty of Perms

Discover the charm of perms – embrace stunning curls without daily heat.

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Revive Classic Curls with Modern Perms

Perms, or permanent waves, offer the beauty of curls without the daily heat treatments or uncomfortable nights in rollers. While they gained popularity in the '80s, today's perms are versatile and suited for various looks. Duration is 2-3 hours, depending on hair length.

  • Effortless Curls: Embrace curls without daily styling.
  • Modern Versatility: Perms for contemporary and classic looks.
  • Customized Service: Duration tailored to hair length.
  • Regular Perm: Starting from $65.00.
  • Spiral Perm: Starting from $90.00.

Norabellas Salon & Skin Care provides perms service to clients across Whittier, Pico Rivera, Downey, Montebello, and Norwalk.